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Short Fiction

Lame Duck

The last President of the United States awaits the election of a new government while nanobots intent upon her destruction eat their way into the bunker protecting her deep beneath the surface. Will she emerge triumphant at the dawn of a new American era, or will her sanctuary become her tomb?


Can Jack, a nanobot enhanced member of the Galactic Survey Group, survive the arctic wastes of a planet on the Frontier to save his only love, Elizabeth, from the terrors that hunt them?


Howard is average in every respect but one; he can change the state of the Universe with his mind. Never ambitious, he uses his powers to live a quiet life apart from those around him until a ghostly woman, one who is invisible to his powers, threatens to upend everything he knows to be true. Now he’s on the hunt for her, to understand how she hides from him, and what it may mean about himself.